Lamps for DLPs

In case someone in the future needs help with lamps, where to buy, how to install, how to install the lamp into the closure (to save you money) ... I'm your guy!

These SOBs sent me a lamp in the enclosure and they put the enclosure together back asswards ... so I had to take it all apart and do it all myself anyways ... so before, I always bought these with enclosures to avoid doing so and messing something up .. Ha, not anymore I'm a pro at it now.
10,000 hours ... turns out this last time , there is a trigger switch for the compartment door (plastic door) and if it is not closed properly it wont turn on ... kinda like a killswitch .. it turns on then off ... I just had to close my door and screw it together ... as I had left it kinda just there ...


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Apr 28, 2009
Yup ... just forked out another $80 bucks.

My next main room tv will more than likely be plasma.

Our TV is a DLP and I've been waiting for the lamp to go kaput... How much is each bulb? Doesn't seem too hard to change it.. Just have to be careful not to touch the mirror, etc???
Its not hard ... BE SMART THO .... BUY A BACK UP NOW!!!!!!!!!!!! When money allows ... cause it seems to always happen at the worst times ...

Last time, right before SUPERBOWL!!!! So yeah, couldnt even get it shipped fast enough if I had wanted too to have it in time for the big game.

Now, right after my ps3 dies and I get one delivered I played a match with willy on UFC ... GOT WHOOPED He calls me for a rematch (on phone) ... and POP~!!!! I was like oh shitt ... yup, it popped, he didnt believe me since I told him like right then and there what it was ... I just knew, from reading all these damn fix it articles on DLPs over the years.

Im taking the tv apart today and going to see about cleaning out the inside ... see if there is any dust bugging up my fans ... Its common to have one quit working cause of too much dust on it.

As for putting them in ... they are easy ... with the tray ... Ive got good now at just buying the lamp bulb and installing it in the tray you already have ... saves you around $30-40 per bulb to do this ...

btw, these bulbs are around $200 in stores ... so its best to order online.
Well the bulbs are supposed to last on average 3 yrs. Which isnt so bad if your throwing down $80 every 3 yrs but my last bulbs have lasted 3 months, 3 months and 9 months. I'm going to buy from a different supplier today and see if I have better luck. Mine should last 1.5 years in the least even with my over usage ;p