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Jun 4, 2011
Quote from WRECK

Hulk lovers ....

Get the Official HDN Hulk Award by showing your appreciation of The Incredible Hulk.

This could be Hulk Steelbook, Hot Toys, Books, Comics, shirts, whatever!

post a pic or video with your name or yourself for proof of some sort.

Your post must receive 20 "Thanks" to receive this award.

I'll go first to HULK SSSSMMMAAAASHHHH this thread !! :hilarious:

Complete Blu-ray steelbook of Hulk and one of my precious, The Incredible Hulk with Stan Lee's autograph :thumbs:


2 Hulk bust with Hulk [DE] & Hulk Reel Heroes [MM,DE] steelbook


Incredible Hulk comics and Red Hulk comics with Hulk plush


Classic Hulk and his nemesis "Abomination", sorry for Sand Man appearance at the middle, he doesn't want to miss the photo session :D


Red Hulk, Planet Hulk, Grey Hulk


Hulkbuster, She-Hulk, Retro Hulk


Life size bust and comiquette


My mixed Hulk collectible that I collected since elementary school :D


So that's my Hulk's Family, will add more later when I received new stuff..

Thanks for looking :scat:
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Elena your collection is really impressive...true love for the hulk...:)

Congrats, you really deserve your award...:)

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This is just completly, totally AMAZING.....EEK!:drool::scat:

where did you get this...:hilarious:

Elena your missing this one J/K:) awesome collections everyone!!!
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I've just updated my original collection post HERE.

I just got the HULK original series boxset on DVD, and it is AWESOME! It's a HUGE box and is full to the brim with discs. Not sure you can tell from the pics, but the HULK on the front is a clear bubbled shell, and has pics inside the letters. A very cool surprise. I picked it up HERE from Amazon for only $35 new!

CLICK HERE to view my collection and to vote if you like.
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Yeah, not a lot of votes in this thread - unlike the others.....
will make this a rare award ;)

Yeah, I have so little to offer on the Hulk side. Don't have any of the existing Steelbooks or even pre-ordered any of the new ones. But maybe if Hot Toys does release a Hulk, I can throw something out there. Seem like Hulk, Thor, and the Captain don't get much attention like Iron Man or something like Transformers
Thanks Elena but i really can´t compare to your collection with just my one Steel. :notworthy:
But more will come with the UK Steelbook wave.

Don't feel that way buddy, I collect them almost my entire life, there's gamma radiation in my blood :hilarious:
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