Open GB: Insurgent (Best Buy Exclusive SteelBook) (3D Blu-ray Combo)


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Hey guys!

I'm going to host a group buy for this title.

Release Date: August 4th 2015

Format: 3D Blu-Ray Combo

Pre-Order Link: Here

Price: $32.99 + taxes (will drop before release day)

Limit of 3 copies per member.

And that's it guys! Let's have some fun :oohyeah:

Personal note:

I don't ask for tips of any sort, I charge the face value of the items and the exact shipping cost. It's my pleasure to help you guys. If you think the service provided deserves a compensation, please make a donation to the website, the staff deserves it way more than I do.

To make a donation to the site, click here:

Member has pre-ordered himself from the website: #xxxxxxxx
Item(s)/shipping has been paid:

Item(s) has/have been shipped:

Shipping Fees (Airmail, NO tracking):

United States:

Up to 500g = $12.60
Up to 1Kg =$18
Up to 2Kg = $30 (Expedited, tracked)

UK/Western Europe:

Up to 500g = $22
Up to 1kg = $38
Up to 1.5kg = $46
Up to 2kg = $56

Eastern Europe/Asia/Australia:

Up to 500g = $23
Up to 1kg = $41
Up to 1.5kg = $48
Up to 2.0kg = $60

Total: 05/???

@rodtp x 1
@Monkey2005 x 1
@ricster x 1
@Kuzco x 1
@ripclaw x 1

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