PS4 PlayStation VR (2016)


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So for my birthday yesterday my wife surprised me wth this!!

I have to say, it's amazing!! Only played Playroom VR and VR Worlds but it's bloody impressive.
HELL YEAH! :woot: That's awesome, congrats @cooey! :notworthy: I was hinting around for this during the weekend, but no success! :squint: Although my wife did say that if the Mini NES is back in stock before Christmas, she'll get that for me! :hungry: Fingers crossed! :hungry:
That's one awesome wife and you're one lucky fella! My imaginary rich girlfriend doesn't even treat me to stuff like that. :( :p
@Noodles LMFAO!!! :rofl: Then it's time to dump that imaginary GF for another! :naughty: :D

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