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Sep 19, 2013
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PRODUCT: Front-loading Frames for Movie Posters/Prints

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I was recently given the distinct pleasure of trying out a product that was brand new to me. I’d like to share my experience with that product and how I feel about its form and function. The product in question is the front-loading frame by I had no idea that these frames, or that this type of frame even existed. It was our own @Wreck, that initially told me about them. So I did my research and looked them up on After reading about them on my first visit, I really liked the idea of a front-loading frame geared for movie poster/print/art enthusiasts. However - I have to admit – I was a bit skeptical as to quality, function and a few other things. I wanted to check them out and see them for myself, so I got some standard sized frames as well as some custom sized frames. All of which, have the standard width border.

First of all, my experience in dealing with Robert Parry (owner of is that he is of the utmost professionalism, courtesy and an all-around pleasant business owner. After ordering from his website, he emailed me personally to tell me thank you for my purchase and also to remind me again (the first reminder comes when you’re checking out) to make sure and measure the exact sizes on whatever it is that I was planning to frame. The reason he encourages going back and measuring rather than going off of what whoever sold it to you said, is to make certain that the measurements that were advertised are indeed the exact measurements your poster/print actually is. Had he not done this, then I would’ve bought 2 custom frames that were the wrong size. I had to go back and change my order for two of them after I measured them per his reminder. The ordering process went as smoothly as possible and checkout was quite simple.

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It might have taken a week to a week and a half (at the very longest) for my order to arrive. It showed up much more quickly than I had expected with having ordered multiple custom frames. All of the frames came in one package, which was custom made to hold everything, and to keep all of it well protected. The shipping price was GREAT and servicer was Fed-Ex, which I prefer over USPS any day of the week. Upon opening the package, it was blatantly obvious how much consideration and preparation went into assembling my parcel. Every piece, overlay, etc. was wrapped individually with care and then put all together like a puzzle into this custom made, sturdy cardboard packaging. I can only assume that this method was used to keep the potential bulkiness of the shipping container to a minimum.

After unpacking the parcel, I was ready to construct the frames. I had assumed that some kind of assembly would be required. However, the only thing I had to do was to insert my prints along with the overlays that were included. All of the frames were already fabricated exactly to the specifications that I had asked for, and they came put together 100% - minus the prints and overlays. The overlays come with a protective coating that has to be peeled off before use. This was literally the only thing I had to do before I could install the entire frames onto the wall. At this point, I wanted to closely inspect the frames before moving any further. One thing that I really like about these are that they are made out of almost 100% aluminum, so they are very lightweight. However, they are very durable and very sturdy. Even after putting multiple prints inside of a 24”x36” frame, it’s still surprising at just how light they are. Due to their weight – or lack thereof – they will put much less of a strain on your walls. The frames – depending on the size – will have at least 4 screws that mount them to the wall. So besides being less of a strain on the wall, their lighter weight is also distributed evenly over 4+ points on the wall, rather than all of that weight coming from only one or two, central points.

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For the actual installation on the wall, all that is necessary is to flip open the front parts of the frame. This will expose the front of the back side of the frame and the holes that have been manufactured specifically for installing them on the wall. At this point, all that is required is to drill the included screws through those holes. So again, the consideration – for the consumer – that was taken during the planning and manufacturing of these frames is next to none. EVERYTHING about these are geared towards the consumer (especially movie art junkies) and the ease of use and installation. One thing, however, that I FULLY recommend, is to wait to insert your prints until after the frame is hung on the wall. It/They can be inserted beforehand and the frame still get hung, but it’s a bit more difficult and you’ll need an extra set of hands.

Another fear of mine was that - after some time of being displayed in the frames - the prints would get damaged due to the frame constantly being clamped down on them. SpotlightDisplays says on their website that their frames do not damage the prints, but I wasn’t 100% satisfied by that at first. After receiving the frames and seeing how they worked, I was still concerned with this. Well, I can say with 100% conviction that they do not. I’ve had my frames for right around 3 months now and I installed them the first day I got them. Some of them have only one print in them and some have multiples. In either case, NONE of my prints have had any damage done to them from the frames.

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As in the aforementioned, I had a few minor worries with these frames from the start. Quality, durability and function were amongst those. However, after seeing them in hand, closely inspecting their quality and putting them to use, ALL of those fears have been put to the proverbial “bed”. Personally, I wasn’t in the market for frames, but for storage space for my extra prints. These frames do a perfect job with both displaying and storing your prints. I have 7 different prints in one of mine right now. Also, the bottom line is often times, money. For a custom sized frame, these are significantly (possibly even exponentially in some cases) cheaper than going to a retail store or framing shop. The shipping is priced perfectly, and also uses a better-than-average service. SpotlightDisplays sure knows what they are doing in every aspect of their business! These frames are absolutely amazing in every way! I would, without a doubt, recommend these to anyone that is in the market for frames for their movie posters/prints or anything else for that matter.



1.) I've also written an informational article about You can find it on the HiDefNinja homepage or by clicking HERE!!!

2.) Robert Perry - owner of - has been extremely generous through this entire process. In the spirit of Ninja Week '16, Robert said that he would donate a free frame towards a giveaway. Courtesy of So please, check out our giveaway HERE!!!
(The giveaway has not yet been posted, but will be ASAP.)

3.) Robert also said that to any member of HDN, you will get a 10% discount off of any* purchase with the discount code, "hidefninja" at


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nice I've been considering this since @Wreck mentioned it as well, though you know what would help this thread a lot :Snap:

Yeah, I originally posted the pictures in the informational article, in hopes that most people would find it first. But you're right, and they've been added. Thanks Mike!
I am psyched to try these out! Thanks for the review @mlmaier84 !
Didn't @Wreck mention that they were great for being able to easily "swap out" the prints displayed?
Or is that another frame they offer?

Yes, they're one in the same. The frame opens from the front side and you can put anywhere from 1-7 or 8 prints into one frame. When you want to switch them out, just open the front of the frame (while it's still on the wall) and switch them out. They're SO EASY!!!
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I've tried to purchase a couple from them but the shipping cost to my place are very expensive. So my only option was Amazon's (Free shipping) Snapezo front-load frames with PVC non-glare and UV protection lens. Front-loading frames will fit nicely for my poster light-box project and for a 24 x 36 print. Alum. frames are safe and cheap but lacks for the many designs offered in wood frames.
I've tried to purchase a couple from them but the shipping cost to my place are very expensive. So my only option was Amazon's (Free shipping) Snapezo front-load frames with PVC non-glare and UV protection lens. Front-loading frames will fit nicely for my poster light-box project and for a 24 x 36 print. Alum. frames are safe and cheap but lacks for the many designs offered in wood frames.

Hello Charlie,

Are you overseas? If not shipping is free on all orders over $100 and $9.95 for all orders under $100. Alaska Hawaii and Canada is a flat rate of $40.

And our frames are used all the time for lightboxes. The back is open. And I can guarantee these frames are the Highest Quality Aluminum Frames out there!

You really can't beat our shipping unless you think that $9.95 is to high for an order under $100. And as stated all orders over are free.

Wish I could have helped you out Charlie!!!

Semper Fi,

Robert Perry
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And just to give people a little heads up. There are front loading frames all over the Internet. But the quality of most all of them just do not compare to ours. One way to tell the difference is in the corner keys that secure the frame borders together. On the cheap frames, the corner keys are much longer than ours. You can see ours in the picture above.

I have purchased them to compare and right off the bat you can see and feel the difference even though in pictures they look similar. That corner key will give them away.

Thank you!

Semper Fi,

Robert Perry
also while we are discussing the frame this was brought up by me in an earlier post but since it says you can make a custom size, I was considering the possibilities of making the frame 1 inch larger around each edge, so I could do a mat

So it would be either
back plastic sheet, print, front plastic sheet this would fit in the photo corners in the mat and that would go into the frame, the problem is then the mat would be on the outside
back plastic sheet, print in mat, front plastic sheet, then the sheet would be fitted into the frame, though then the print would not be flush against the sheets

could just add an extra element to make the poster unique each time you changed it

Is that something you have dine in the past?
Hello @mllNY we have made the frames bigger for people who would like to use a mat. For the Wide 2.5" Border it covers about 1/2" of the print on all four sides and comes standard to handle a depth of 1/4". The 1.25" Standard Classic Border covers about 3/8" on all four sides of the print and comes standard to handle 1/8" depth. If you want the 1.25" Border and the thickness of your mat is thicker than 1/8" then you would have to let us know. The 1.25" border can be made to accommodate up to 1/2"

Have a great night @mllNY .
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