Shaun of the Dead (4K+2D Blu-ray SteelBook) (EverythingBlu - BluPack #009) [UK]

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Release date: March 15, 2021
Purchase link: EverythingBlu (Pre-order December 3, at 8 PM - UK time)
Price: £49.99



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Nov 30, 2020
Looks good to me. Pre-ordered also. Also grabbed a few releases in the sale they had. Hot Fuzz Blu Box arrived already and am very happy with it. Upgraded one of the disks to the 4K version too
Dec 23, 2020
Hey all, thought I'd try my luck and ask if anyone would be wanting to sell their original Shaun of the Dead Blu Box. Or any help to find one would also be appreciated. Currently looking for The World's End Box too. Cheers
Dec 22, 2011
Mom's Basement
Can’t decide if I like that or not . Doesn’t really matter cause I don’t have £50 to buy it
"I don't have the money to buy it." <<<<<<<<< Realizing that brings me a certain kind of peace.
"I have the money to buy it but should I save it for something else?" <<<<<<<<< Asking that brings me some level of stress.
I am at peace right now.
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Nov 9, 2018
Really like that Slip but unfortunately, that's all I like and really don't see the point of most of the other bits that come in with these releases.


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Jan 28, 2015
Comment on this one too, hopefully eventually they see the light.. If it doesn't fit in the slip, I don't want it. Pen, poster, strut holder.... I mean how would you even display the posters as tight as they are rolled it would take 10 years to lay flat.
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