Snow White and the Huntsman (Blu-ray SteelBook)-Swarovski Crystallized-6 qty [UK]


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Apr 12, 2009
Available via a contest-6 in existence. Per website, contest ended 3/10/2012.

Thanks hubmuswell and others for posting.

Per Wreck, this is also confirmed to be legitimate.

From Graziadaily contest:

"So here's where you come in. To celebrate the release of Snow White & The Huntsman on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital Download on 1st October 2012, we're giving our dear readers the chance to win a one of a kind, custom made Swarovski crystallized Blu-ray Steelbook. Oh yes! The case was specially made for the film and only SIX exist in the entire world so it really is a gem. All you need do to be in with a chance of winning is answer the question below. And if you can't possibly wait, pre-order your copy now by clicking here."

snowwhite crystal.jpg

If anyone has won one, feel free to post pics:)
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Does this really count as a separate release or is it just a customised version of the standard UK release?
This is like a mythical steelbook. All anyone's ever seen is that one promo image of it(from what Ive seen posted here and google searches).

Im callin "pics or it didnt happen":p


of course after I post there is a in hand pic above lol. That looks like the back. Nice
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At least from the Facebook site for the film, this item seems to have been created especially for the film, but lets see if we can draw out more details together. If any of you winners are in our community-feel free to post some pics! :)
Folks, this is a fun thread to flush out some details about this item. Posts can always be moved if necessary once the complete info is available for the OP. Thanks! :scat: