Solo: A Star Wars Story (4K+2D Blu-ray SteelBook) (Zavvi Exclusive) [UK]

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The back is way better than the Zavvi one!
Only 'complaint' is that Solo's head might look weard with the border. First it gets cut off by the edge of the image and then it gets interrupted again by the border. But then again that's just my opinion as I'm not a big fan of borders in general. Very nice work!
love the back. Not sure what colour I prefer the title in. I like both yellow and the white. Maybe if blufans ever release this they can have a white embossed title
Appreciate the feedback. :thumbs:

P.S. Really hoping BluFans use this as front art too!
Apr 21, 2019
Thanks. That's inexcusable as poster art given that there's no space issue.
I think it looks fine. I can recall portraits where cutting off the top of the head made it a much better picture. I don't think adding space over his head would make this any better
Apr 23, 2014
Arrggg that's actually really nice, I ended up cancelling all the others as I wasn't happy with them for multiple reasons but I genuinely like this movie and don't own it yet so might purchase this. I wonder if BluFans will ever release any other Star Wars steels


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This will do nicely, it’s not as nice as noodles concept but a nice replacement for my original zavvi steelbook (I still don’t know why I bought it in the for first place and it’s the only steelbook that I’ve never opened ever)


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God im losing track what i have ordered and what's been sent and what's yet to be charged for and sent hopefully i dont or have missed any copies.
Im still waiting my first two hopefully they come this week or next at least.
Have you thought about using a movie app?

I'm in the uk and I use an app 'my movies pro 3' , with all my pre orders I create the item (even though it's a movie data base i still create a file for all my pre orders including figures so i can keep everything in the same place), i can add info, change photos, etc, for example, my jackie chan films, they've not yet released the slip art so i will update those when I get the info. When I have received the item I move the file from 'ordered' to the 'saved for keeps' folder, I make files for things I've yet to order like john wick 3, solo and RO so I won't forget.

I don't know what country you're in but there should be a decent app available

Here's a couple of screen shots, the first is my 'ordered' folder and the second is what I see when I click on a file, there are places where you can leave tags and notes than can be updated whenever

Screenshot_20200827-113023_My Movies Pro_compress70.jpg

Screenshot_20200827-113205_My Movies Pro_compress93.jpg
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Any excuse to post my concepts. :D

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We finally get a steel for Solo that we are happy with, then in you come with your amazing concepts and just ruin it for everyone!!:naughty::LOL::shipped:

Seriously nice concept, guess blufans don't need to do any work again;)

To avoid the boarder going through his head, no border and debossed title would look great (note to blufans, although they always seem to emboss)

To be honest, I'm not a fan of the backs of these SW steels, would have loved a continuity from front to back, with colours and/or art..(which yours has done very well) but at least they've picked great front artworks(not including the floating head of course), and they've used gloss... I absolutely hate the low res original zavvi release so I'm very much looking forward to getting something superior to replace it:D
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