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Grampie Blu-Clan
Jan 28, 2009
Dartmouth, NS, CaNaDa
I had a real problem with enemy at the gates. Ed Harris, to me, is just too much of an american to play a Nazi. does anyone understand what I am talking about? When I look at him he just emits the united states for some reason. I think it's because he played John Glenn in "The Right Stuff". IDK, just my issue i suppose.
Jan 30, 2009

Cover art incase you guys are intrested
Jan 28, 2009
Good movie, featuring Brad Pitt and Robert Redford, I prefer Enemy At The Gates tho which is coming out aroudn the same time, oddly enough they came out around the same time on DVD as well.

You and I both will be picking up "Enemy At The Gates", bro. One of my all time fav's.