Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back (4K+2D Blu-ray SteelBook) (Zavvi Exclusive) [UK]

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Release date: August 3, 2020
Purchase link: Zavvi (Pre-order on May 21, around 9 AM for Red Carpet , at 12 PM general sale - UK time)
Price: £29.99
Note: 3 discs


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Jun 4, 2013
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I wonder if these will be released worldwide or will they truly be exclusive to Zavvi like the Marvel 4K ones?

Aren’t the 4K ones available in the US too?

Think you mean the lenti wave (which some of the later releases also includes the 4K disc). The lenti wave are defo exclusive to zavvi


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Jun 4, 2015
If nothing else, I hope the preorders for these come in quick enough succession.
No point dragging it out when we all know they're coming, even if the release date differs by a week or more.

Also wondering is it just the original trilogy getting the poster treatment or are we gonna see all 9 movies?


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I'm only interested in original trilogy steels with poster art, too.
Personally, I'll just pick up the original films. Mainly because of the original poster art.

Not really bothered with the middle films as I already have the first wave of steelbooks.
Same... I've no interest in owning steels for the prequel trilogy, and BF are already doing a great job with the sequel trilogy (hopefully they'll get around to doing TROS soon).

Held off on getting the previous steels for the original trilogy as I always hoped they'd eventually release new ones with poster art, so I'm glad to see my patience finally paid off!
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Aug 9, 2016
Original trilogy poster art is certified classic. I don't find the posters for the other trilogies to be particularly interesting. And there's nothing about the posters that would make a matching set of nine steelbooks. (If Struzan had done the posters for the sequel trilogy, then that would have been a good matching set. But, one more missed opportunity in the Disney era.) So just the OT for this release, please.

And—if a premium retailer wants to do something interesting with these, that would be fine with me, too. :)