TBA No.10 (HDzeta Exclusive Gold Label Series No.10 Blu-ray SteelBook) [China]

Aug 25, 2011
Hong Kong
HDzeta Exclusive Gold Label Series Steelbook:
No.1 - Lawrence of Arabia
No.2 - How To Train Your Dragon
No.3 - Gladiator
No.4 - Saving Private Ryan
No.5 - Terminator 3
No.6 - Terminator
No.7 - Interstellar
No.8 - Terminator Genisys
No.9 - Mad Max: Fury Road
No.10 - ??
No.11 - ??

HDzeta Exclusive Silver Label Series Steelbook:
No.1 - King Kong
No.2 - Jurassic Park Trilogy
No.3 - Ex_Machina
No.4 - Fast and Furious 7
No.5 - Jurassic World
No.6 - Minions
No.7 - ??
No.8 - ??


The Matrix has you...
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May 15, 2014
Ontario, Kanada
Man... that sucks about HTTYD2! Have they given a reason? I can't imagine it's from lack of interest!
No way, that was one of the best animated movies in a while.
plz slow down
Right? I was like...
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