The Footy Megathread!

Well we keep finding more and more fans, garlad you are just adding to the group. So let's keep all football related content in this thread since we are small group of fans who actually follow we can't make threads that only one person will reply. Anyways Scott, Baliey, Dattebayo and myself all follow pro football. The same people in addition to Bravesfan and jrocca have/play FIFA09.

To answer your question from the other thread, yes I do follow. I don't have a particular team in the EPL, but I enjoy watching the games. However I am liking Liverpool this year, I think if they don't win it now they won't in a long time! they are finally reaching that talent threshold and it's their time! Torres is in a fantastic level and Benitez is having no issues with players so what else can I say? ManU is finally losing grip. Chelsea is a mess I think, they keep buying players and more players that bring a huge ego and that's why the teams is so inconsistent! the egos that team has will not let them find their rhythm. Arsenal has a relatively young team that will only get better and I keep reading everywhere that they might lose Fabregas this next summer....

I used to watch plenty of the Spanish league, but I lost GolTV which used to show all the games every weekend. Fox Sports channel now shows the EPL and the Serie A Italian league which is not bad, but not the same.
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Nov 9, 2018
I hate VAR, it's ruining football imo. I want to see the tech stay but the managers get to challenge decisions twice a half.
That offside decision against us yesterday, if I'm honest, was bullshit hence the reason it took so long to decide. That decision changed the whole game and should never have stood.

VAR for me is an absolute e=waste of time as is doesn't see everything so not really sure what the point of it is.

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Mar 6, 2013
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In spite of as of late lackluster play, my Rowdies have clinched a playoff spot. At worst they're looking at 5th. With a win Saturday they could finish 3rd.

Ready for the playoffs, but they need to step it up. Rather; they need to remember they're a kick in the grass, not a kick in the a$$.