The Last House on the Left (1972) (Blu-ray SteelBook) (Arrow Video) (Zavvi Exclusive) [UK]

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Limited Edition Contents:

  • Limited Edition SteelBook® packaging
  • 2K restoration from original film elements
  • High Definition (1080p) Blu-ray presentation of the Unrated Version
  • Isolated score newly remastered from the original 17.5” magnetic tracks
  • Brand new audio commentary by Bill Ackerman and Amanda Reyes
  • Archival audio commentary with writer/director Wes Craven and producer Sean S. Cunningham
  • Archival audio commentary with stars David Hess, Marc Sheffler and Fred Lincoln
  • Archival introduction to the film by Wes Craven
  • Still Standing: The Legacy of The Last House on The Left – archival interview with Wes Craven
  • Celluloid Crime of the Century – archival documentary featuring interviews with Wes Craven, Sean S. Cunningham, actors David Hess, Fred Lincoln, Jeramie Rain, Marc Sheffler and Martin Kove
  • Scoring Last House – archival interview with actor/composer David Hess
  • It's Only a Movie: The Making of Last House on the Left – archival featurette
  • Forbidden Footage – the cast and crew of Last House on the film’s most controversial sequences
  • Junior’s Story – a brand new interview with actor Marc Sheffler
  • Blood and Guts – a brand new interview with makeup artist Anne Paul
  • The Road Leads to Terror – brand new featurette revisiting the film’s original shooting locations
  • Deleted Scene: “Mari dying at the Lake”
  • Extended Outtakes and Dailies, transferred in HD
  • Trailers, TV Spot & Radio Spots
  • Image Galleries
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Oct 13, 2011
3 Disc was the limited edition slipbox box set

Disc 2 Blu-ray Krug & Company and R-Rated cuts and CD soundtrack was exclusive to arrow limited slipbox edition

Disc 1 is the unrated cut and is the main disc of the film this is the disc that's in the steelbook
I know, still wish the other two were included though... all-cut-steelbook would’ve been lovely
Mar 24, 2013
Got to admit that the Arrow steelbook artwork looks very similar to the VHS artwork (circa 1983):-

Personally not a fan of the artwork as looks too clean . . . more stylish Italian giallo than rough and ready American . . . speaking about stylish Italian horror films inspired by LHotL there's NIGHT TRAIN MURDERS which is a better film (IMO).

Before I forget, honourable mention should be made of the the 2009 remake.
Oct 21, 2013
Watched this last night... Terrible film. Also the quality of the print is shockingly bad. Almost worse than a dvd. No definition at all. You have to watch from a distance to 'enjoy' an acceptable picture quality


Nov 5, 2018
Got the new Arrow Video Release from Zavvi today guys ‘The Last House On The Left ‘ Steelbook.. here is the review: