Think you have a good job? Think again...


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Feb 16, 2009
Milwaukee, WI
I always thought a sports-broadcaster would be the best job, but after reading this story, the job this guy got beats it out.

SYDNEY – A bungee jumping, ostrich-riding British charity worker was named Wednesday the winner of what's been dubbed the "Best Job in the World" — a 150,000 Australian dollar ($111,000) contract to serve as the caretaker of a tropical Australian island.

Ben Southall, 34, beat out nearly 35,000 applicants from around the world for the dream assignment to swim, explore and relax on Hamilton Island in the Great Barrier Reef for six months while writing a blog to promote the area.

He was selected for the gig by officials from the tourism department of Queensland state.

Southall and 15 other finalists spent the past four days on the Queensland island for an extended interview process, which required applicants to snorkel through crystalline waters, gorge themselves at a beach-side barbecue and relax at a spa. The finalists also had to demonstrate their blogging abilities, take swimming tests and sit through in-person interviews.

In his application video, Southall expressed a love for adventure, and featured photographs of himself riding an ostrich, running a marathon, trekking through Africa and kissing a giraffe.

The job is part of a AU$1.7 million tourism campaign to publicize the charms of northeastern Queensland, and officials say it has already generated more than AU$100 million worth of publicity for the region.

Southall will live for free in an airy, three-bedroom oceanfront villa with a private pool and sweeping views of the surrounding islands.

The job begins July 1.

i said no salt, no salt!

I doubt anything beats that!

you'd be surprised.

He's still having to blog his ass off and write away.

Years ago, I had a friend in Houston who got this job at a furniture store selling furniture ... he was the ONLY employee! Not a huge place, but pretty big. Anyways, they give him the job and marked all the furniture up REALLY drastically. They told him to just chillax and dont worry abotu selling nothing.

The business was a front, and they wanted it to appear like a failing business because the owner owned some other really successful businesses and he could get a good tax break for having this other failing business to help him in the long run since he had some other successful ones.

Needless to say, My friend made up his own hours, did whatever he wanted there and just basically chilled and watched tv and stuff and smoked out back then came in blazed and chilled all the time, and got paid to do this.

We were laughing one time because he actually sold some furniture once that he was obviously not trying to do but the people bought the insanely overpriced stuff regardless.


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Apr 28, 2009
I wish i could get paid to do nothing...

oh wait....

but I guess I can't say I do nothing 100% of the time.. I do work in spurts and when I do work its pretty aggressive... but does it outweigh the amount of time I have to post this?

the world may never know...