Tom Whalen MONDO X STEELBOOK Disney Releases

I was told- by a certain messenger of whom WOULD know about these sorts of things- that Tom Whalen’s ENTIRE Mondo Disney Line has been green-lit for Steelbook production.

No particular date on this time-table- but prepare your wallets and rest easy knowing that MORE is coming, fellow ninjas.

In other- *unrelated* news, I did meet and get to Tom Whalen at this past New York Comic Con 2018. Buy he would NEVER talk about something pre-release.
Aug 9, 2016
As I've said, I love Whalen. But goodness, this is one of my least favorite Disney movies. Even for Whalen, I can't buy this one...
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May 15, 2013
Well, I think the key here is also its MONDO and WHALEN in reference to any future Mondo X that happen to be with Whalen .......... and that wouldnt mean Whalen stuff from other Galleries.

so just see here for possibilities. there is 4 pages. Whalen

I'd guess things like Frozen, Aladdin, Lion King, Little Mermaid , Walle , and then if the horizontals can be reworked then it opens up a few more. Would love to see Roger Rabbit with updated colors to make it POP


Alice in Wonderland



The Lion King

Monsters, Inc

Peter Pan


The Rescuers

Snow White and the Seven Dwarves

Toy Story


Who Framed Roger Rabbit

Wreck-It Ralph
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