vista sucks

Mar 12, 2009
i have vista home premium and each time i leave it on for 7 to 8 hours,the idle ram gets eaten away..and i have 3gb!...

it just robs and steals all of it and my laptop becomes a snail while im trying to download things.

i can tell because soon as it hits 72% ram used on the gadgets display,my computer is super slow,have to restart it and wait till the idle ram goes up slowly after time doing nothing.

and this all happens when im trying to download crap...grrr..ends up wrecking them.
Wow 3GB? 1) I would never use Vista in a laptop at least not for private use 2) you are using the sidebar most of resources get taken away by just the sidebar! 3) what software are you using to download stuff? limewire, frostwire & Morpheus eat RAM uncontrollably so I advise you to open them do what you have to do and shut it off. 4) if you are downloading torrents I'd suggest you to use applications like Azureus, doesn't take many resource away from you.

I leave my PC sometimes on for a whole week straight and my memory usage is only about 40% tops, so you either have too much stuff running in the background or don't know what you are doing :) I have Vista Ultimate 32bit with SP1. Vista doesn't suck as much as people make it out to be is just that people don't know what they are doing 99% of time and they blame their lack of computer knowledge on the OS.
Mar 12, 2009
okay was downloading 700mb files via firefox

i just thought it was vista it's self using a lot of ram on idle.

must be another problem,gotta check it out when it start getting to %72 ram used...the gadgets don't use too much ram,their just on the side and monitor how much cpu your using and ram.