Which Villian would you be?

bad guy? or villian as in comic books?

Cause some movies the villian is the protagonist.

In which case, Id choose De Niro on HEAT or Pacino on Scarface

I would say the Joker, but hell, that doesnt seem like a very fun life... more like sick, twisted and demented ... yeah, like GB's choice! lol.


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Apr 28, 2009
any villian and not comic book related?

Michael Meyers - what a badass.

Comic book related?

Dr. Doom!


Jan 28, 2009
Well I'm gonna go with which "VILLAIN" (see correct spelling) I would date. Gonna go with Gambit on Wolverine, cause that's my boy Riggins from Friday Night Lights! Doesn't get much better than him! :scat::scat: