[WINNER ANNOUNCED] Naughtius Maximus's kimchiDVD GIVEAWAY!! (6 of 6)

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Hi all,

As part of the celebration of the new HDN forums, I'm pleased to announce that I've got a few freebies to giveaway thanks to those at KimchiDVD.

Prize 1 (ending 27th July)
Prize 2 (ending 3rd August)
Prize 3 (ending 3rd August)
Prize 4 (ending 10th August)
Prize 5 (ending 17th August)
Prize 6 (ending 24th August)

This is Prize 6 of 6:

FROZEN, LENTI SLIP, sealed, mint.

All you have to do to win this is:
1) Click the green 'Tick' to Thank the Thread

2) Post a funny Picture or video.... It can be of anything....just keep it semi clean ;)

Example: (one for Apollon)

To add a picture:
Click on the Image icon >> Paste your URL link > click ok >> Done!

To add a Video: (youtube etc)
Click on the media icon >> Paste your URL link > click ok >> Done!

1) 1 x entry per ninja
2) Must have at least 30 Posts to his/her name.
3) The winner is responsible for shipping costs.
4) Winners have 7 days to contact me to claim their prize, otherwise it will go to the next random person
5) If you do not follow the entry request your post will be ignored!
6) Winner will be chosen at random via post # using random.org website

Entries will close Sunday 24th August @ 20:00 (UK time!). The winner will be picked at random...and announced between 21:00-22:00 the same evening :scat:

Good luck all!!!

David :thumbs:
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