RETAILER GRAND PRIZE [Winner Chosen] GOTG, Deadpool, Comando Collectibles Grand Prize package

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Apr 12, 2009

Winner : Miffed
We welcome Grand Prize Sponsor

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All registered forum members are eligible to enter. Winner pays shipping.

Package includes:

Item 1: Deadpool ArtFX+ Statue - Previews Exclusive

Item 2: Hot Toys Guardians of the Galaxy Gamora Figure

Commando John Matrix 30th Anniversary Action Figure

To enter, please reply to this post and share:

1) Your top 5 prized Steelbooks?
2) What was your last blu-ray purchase?
3) What was your last collectible figure purchased?

Good luck ninjas!

You can spread the word about our 6th Annual Ninja Week!
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Enjoy #bestweekever!


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This one is pretty special :thumbs:

1. The Prestige, Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises, Inception :)
2. Last item I bought and received was The Fifth Element KimchiDVD steelbook
3. Last collectible figure was Faora Ul from Man Of Steel
1. John wick FAC, the lion king (nonzavvi), FF7 paul walker steel FAC, finding nemo, the thing
2. Black swan zavvi excl
3. Star wars POPs kylo ren and bb8
1) The Raid I & II fullslip Kimchi; Her fullslip Kimchi; Captain America HMV; Interview with a Vampire fullslip Filmarena; Heat fullslip Filmarena
2) MI: Rogue Nation fullslip Filmarena
3) Watchmen busts (Nite Owl, The Comedian, Dr. Manhattan)
Wow, what an awesome prize!!

1. Guardians of the Galaxy (BF), CAP1(BF), CAP2(BF), BH6(BF), Avengers(Nova)
2. Stanley Kubrick Master Collection
3. Funko Pop Daredevil
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1) Your top 5 prized Steelbooks? Drive (Nova), The Avengers (Nova), Kingsman (FA), Frozen (Lenti Kimchidvd), Big Hero 6 (BF)
2) What was your last blu-ray purchase? Becoming Jane & The Imitation Game
3) What was your last collectible figure purchased? The Avengers: Hulkbuster & Hulk ArtFX+ (Kotobukiya)

Thanks for the great giveaway!

#bestweekever #retroandcollectables #hidefninja
My personal top 5 steels are
Captain America lenty bluffs
Winter soldier nova media fullslip
Thor DW Kimchi lenty
Monsters uni blufans lenty
Tangled Kimchi lenty

Last blu bought was jurassic world

I've never bought any of these premium collectibles maybe this is the year I start I have bought funkopops though last one was an iron patriot
1) Thor HMV, Iron Man 2, Top Gun, The Fifth Element KimchiDVD, Guardians of the Galaxy Blufans
2) Batman Bergins + Dark Knight + Dark Knight Rises (
3) Ghostbusters Hero Pack
Top 5 steels:
Frozen - Blufans UE
Guardians of the Galaxy - Blufans UE
Jurassic World - Film Arena
The Fifth Element - Kimchi lenti
Interstella - HDZETA full slip

Last bluray:
Pulp Fiction - Play steelbook

Last collectible:
Hulk figure - Marvel Diamond Select

Thanks for doing the competition!
1. Cap Tws Nova Lenti, Cap Tws Nova Full Slip, Thor Tdw Nova Lenti, Avengers Nova Full Slip Iron Man, Drive Nova Full Slip

2. Mama Blu-Ray

3. Man of Steel Statue
My personal 5 steelbooks are 1) Tangled lenticular Kimchi 2) Big hero 6 (Blufan) 3) Avengers (Nova), 4) Frozen Blufan 5) GOTG Blufan

2. Last purchase was Gone Girl Blufan

3. Wall-E Lego

Thanks for the awesome giveaway
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1) Your top 5 prized Steelbooks?
Guardians of the Galaxy

2) What was your last blu-ray purchase?
The Hulk

3) What was your last collectible figure purchased?
It was Star trek into the darkness package that included the enemy ship.
1. Iron Man 3, X-men DOFP, Avengers, Kingsman, Guardians of the Galaxy
2. Last BluRay I ordered is the Deadpool Steelbook from Zavvi
3. Starbug Playset (from Red Dwarf)
Thanks for the give away.

1) My top 5 steelbooks i own are:
Hunger Games Futureshop District 12 (still love it), Thor Dark World Kimchi Lenticular (got lucky with the preorder), Dark Knight Japan (finally got it a few weeks back), Inglorious Basterds Futureshop (got it the other week with Dark knight, so glad i did) & Batman Begins Korea (goes perfect with Dakr Knight Japan now)

2) Last blu ray i brought was Glee Season 4 used from CEX last week. Then got home and saw S1-6 available on Now TV lol.

3) Don't own any figures but do own Funko POP vinyls. Last one i brought of them was Walking Dead Carol just before christmas.
1) Guardians of the Galaxy Ultimate Edition (Blufans), Frozen UE (Blufans), Gravity Lenticular (Blufans), Big Hero 6 UE (Blufans), I Saw The Devil Pet Slip (PA)
2)Labyrinth from Mondo (Zavvi)
3)Obi-Wan Kenobi from Hot Toys
Thank you

top 5 steelbooks are

Guardians of the galaxy blufans
tron legacy amazon D.E
zimmer 1409
pans labyrinth D.E

last bluray i bought was house of 1000 corpses

and last action figure was leather face bloodless version
Top 5 Prized Steels

GotG UE Blufans
Big Hero 6 Blufans
Her Lenticular KimchiDVD
Fifth Element Lenticular KimchiDVD
Fifth Element Leeloo Full Slip KimchiDVD

Last Blu Ray Purchase Was
The Mutilator From Arrow

Last Figure...Was Not Really A Figure It Was A Funko Regan LOL..
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