1. NHL 2015/16 SEASON

    thought id create this thread for the new nhl season im going to be following it alot this season due to my paying £99 for the nhl season ticket via sky loving the new season so far . i follow new york rangers usally but i like watching most teams , new jersey another time i like the looks of...
  2. Rugby World Cup 2015 Thread

    I couldn't find another thread about this (if there is please merge) or maybe there just isn't many rugby fans here but I thought I would open one anyway incase there are and anyone wants to discuss it here. I don't know if anyone saw the Japan vs South Africa game last night but it was...
  3. English Premier League Football

  4. The Cricket Thread

    Thought I'd add to the mix with a thread for all the cricket lovers! Probably wont be too popular for those of you in the States, but definitely my favourite sport. Anyone else here a fan? Anyone going to any Champions Trophy games in June? I got tickets to India v Pakistan which should have an...
  5. Official Wrestling Thread

    Talk all oyu want about Hulk hogan and ultimate warrior here. :hilarious:
  6. NBA On-Going Thread Chat

    Who you rootin' for? Spurs, Thunder or Clippers would be fine by me. Also wouldnt mind Lebron and Bosh finally getting a ring ... tho I like rootin for underdogs a bit more. I guess I gotta ultimately go for the "retirement home" Spurs vs. the Clips since Im from Texas ... but I...
  7. Official MMA Thread!

    Yes, I think it's about time I start this! :rock: Place all info relating to MMA in this thread!