1. whysoserious?

    NHL 2015/16 SEASON

    thought id create this thread for the new nhl season im going to be following it alot this season due to my paying £99 for the nhl season ticket via sky loving the new season so far . i follow new york rangers usally but i like watching most teams , new jersey another time i like the looks of...
  2. Flash

    Rugby World Cup 2015 Thread

    I couldn't find another thread about this (if there is please merge) or maybe there just isn't many rugby fans here but I thought I would open one anyway incase there are and anyone wants to discuss it here. I don't know if anyone saw the Japan vs South Africa game last night but it was...
  3. PunkNinja

    English Premier League Football

  4. C

    The Cricket Thread

    Thought I'd add to the mix with a thread for all the cricket lovers! Probably wont be too popular for those of you in the States, but definitely my favourite sport. Anyone else here a fan? Anyone going to any Champions Trophy games in June? I got tickets to India v Pakistan which should have an...
  5. GVZER

    Official Wrestling Thread

    Talk all oyu want about Hulk hogan and ultimate warrior here. :hilarious:
  6. Wreck

    NBA On-Going Thread Chat

    Who you rootin' for? Spurs, Thunder or Clippers would be fine by me. Also wouldnt mind Lebron and Bosh finally getting a ring ... tho I like rootin for underdogs a bit more. I guess I gotta ultimately go for the "retirement home" Spurs vs. the Clips since Im from Texas ... but I...
  7. Horhay

    Official MMA Thread!

    Yes, I think it's about time I start this! :rock: Place all info relating to MMA in this thread!