Blade Runner: The Final Cut (4K+2D Blu-ray SteelBook) (The Film Vault Range) [UK]

Lenny Nero

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Oct 1, 2013
Release date: August 19, 2024
Purchase links: Vice Press - Amazon UK - Zavvi - HMV (Pre-order from Monday April 15th)
Price: £49.99 (Vice Press Exclusive Poster Edition) - £29.99 (Amazon - Zavvi - HMV)
Notes: Vices Press Exclusive Poster Edition limited to 300 - Hand numbered archival pigment print on 250gm Naturalis Absolute White Matt archival paper.

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I hope the steelbooks inside the big box editions don't have the same exact artwork on them, as the main box, because digipacks didn't!
I also hope that won't be at the expense of the glass blocks, as they're great!
Can’t see that happening, the art is the selling point. I’d rather them on steels anyway. But they have designed new backs for the steels so maybe the boxes going forward will be the same as the steel but you get that extra art on the steel backs? I dunno

I’ll happily pick up steels going toward of films and arts I like.

Out of the current wave i might pick up goodfellas and Scarface again and sell the boxes. I dunno. Only other one I wanted was 1917 so It would also be weird to pick up the boxset for that and sell the other 2.

Also all depends on finish. If these are gloss then great news. Matte then no
Well the way I see it they shouldn’t really change. Maybe £5 or £10 more but I don’t agree with that. If the steels on their own are £30 before a code then that means the box and other stuff is £20-£30 and they are no where near worth that. But who knows. The A2 posters are £30 extra with the steels, not sure how much extra the bigger ones were originally
Originals are a bit bigger than A1 so yeh expensive for A2 posters imo.
Originals are a bit bigger than A1 so yeh expensive for A2 posters imo.
Well the A2 prints through vice press that are part of the universal wave limited to 2,000 each (the thing, American werewolf, Jurassic Park) which you can also buy from HMV are £29.99. Or cheaper with codes (i picked up the thing - not bad for £23.99!)
It says April 15th in the OP but what time do the VP Poster Editions go up for preorder?
Never used there website, anything unusual doing a preorder? I’m guessing the poster edition will sell out instantly
Vice Press Website
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Please note, from the 1st of April 2024 we are no longer registered for IOSS/ VAT in the European Union and will no longer collect VAT at the point of sale for any order being despatched to countries in the EU.

Customers will be responsible for all VAT, Tax and Import Charges on all orders placed on or after the 1st of April 2024 being delivered to countries in the EU.

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Customers based in the UK are unaffected by these changes.

Does anyone know if the Vice Press steelbooks will be numbered 1-300?

Also, are they likely to sell the poster separately eventually as they do sell other Blade Runner/Jaws etc posters?

Trying to make my mind up if these are even worth the £20 extra as I'm interested in them all bar 2001.
Are the steelbooks only available from them or other places and is it just the steel and poster editions that go live or steels only as well?
Vice Press Website only sell the poster editions.
As per Thread OP Poster Editions are exclusive to Vice Press
Live from Midnight tonight UK time.
£49.99 each

SteelBook only editions are trade wide
£29.99 TBC
From Monday April 15 times will vary when retailers goes live.
Amazon UK/Zavvi/HMV and other retailers that sell Warner/Universal releases.
Some retailers might be after Monday
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Number the steelbooks!

If Matt Ferguson is now going down the steelbook route... I am hoping that his company can be the first to start numbering 4k steelbooks to make them truly limited.

Would be a good USP for me and would set them apart from the industry, which has gotten quite ridiculous with reprints and reissues in recent years.

I'd prefer to see rigid slipcase Numbered with steelbook than these plastic slips personally too. Eco friendly but also I just enjoy a nice soft touch slipcase over these PET slips. Poster and artcards inside the steelbook if necessary but nothing that will bulk out the slip. Shelf space is at a premium.

Anyone else agree? At least with them being truly limited Numbered Editions...
Hmv have limited this to x1 per customer btw, and all the others to x2 per. I mean, technically it's per order, but probably best not to risk it with multiples in case they get cancelled.