Drive Hammer Edition Raffle

Hello all,

Have 1 Drive Reel Synergy Hammer Edition with some small corner damage. In an effort to help out a member, under a special circumstance this is being offered for a raffle. You dont pay until the raffle fills.

There is 20 spots at $7.50 a spot You can buy multiple spots. PICK YOUR SPOTS ... If you win, you will have to pay for the shipping. It will ship from Germany. See the pics provided, perhaps these small imperfections isn't that big a deal on this rare piece to accent your Drive collection if your fan.
(there is no movie)

If you want in, just reply below with your SPOT # if the person above you claimed that spot, pick a different spot. Payment only if the raffle FILLS completely.

1. @dede02paid
2. @phishphan192paid
3. @ilovebdpaid
4. @Thwippaid
5. @dede02paid
6. @ilovebdpaid
7. @kbr1656paid
8. @Manpreetpaid
9. @cleverloginname paid
10. @cleverloginname paid
11. @Chrismanpaid
12. @phishphan192paid
13. @Lordpercypaid
14. @GinjaNinja18paid
15. @Chrismanpaid
16. @Parapaid
17. @Chrisman paid
18. @kbr1656paid
19. @Thwippaid
20. @dede02paid

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Feb 28, 2017
For those who think this is so funny , making nasty comments...that's so ignorant. I live in Downtown Phoenix, Arizona, USA where 48 hours ago the Governor declared a State of Emergency due to rioting, etc. these riots and protests are happening right outside my front door. there were policing shooting tear gas literally 50 feet from my front door not an hour ago. So, i was a little pre-occupied. Being as "Drive" is my favorite movie, winning that set would have been some much needed good it turns out it's just another part of a pretty rough week. Glad I could provide a few laughs for you though. Cheers.
While I know most of you all are just poking fun as a "tongue in cheek" type of way it's imperative to also realize that you are some of the first experiences these new members are getting. They don't know you like the others do, or I do, etc. Take the time to click on the down arrow and view a person's join date/ or amount of posts to recognize if they are new or not as they may take your teasing out of context and read it for how it sounds with no personality behind it. (which then reads rude!) Definitely not the Ninja vibes we want to give off as a Community!

@MrGordo Hope everything stays safe for your area, Phoenix is beautiful ... just extremely hot! Visited MANY times when I lived in Arizona. Love Arizona. (check your PM)
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Feb 16, 2016
Thanks guys, I'm really glad this worked out.

I'm sorry to hear the current circumstances have such a direct effect on you. And I'm feeling a bit guilty now for taking your spots. But when I was signing up I thought this was all settled between @Wreck and you. There might be another chance to grab this edition, though. If it should come about I'm going to tag you for sure!
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