Dunkirk (4K and Blu-ray SteelBooks) (Manta Lab Exclusive No. 16) [Hong Kong]

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Release date: October 30, 2020
Purchase links: One Click - Full Slip (4K + BD + Bonus) - Single Lenti (4K + BD + Bonus) - Double Lenti (BD + Bonus) (Pre-order on August 28 at 8 PM - Hong Kong time)
Price: $159.97 (One Click) - $52.99 (Full Slip - Single Lenti) - $47.99 (Double Lenti)
Group buy: One Click - Full Slip - Single Lenti - Double Lenti
Note: One Click 400 copies - Full Slip 800 copies - Single Lenti 800 copies - Double Lenti 800 copies

WEA, Exclusive Steelcase designed by Manta Lab features "Full Glossy" Finish and "Debossed Title".
Full Slip: Scratch Resistance Coating, Spot Glossy, Spot Matte, Embossing, Spot Foil
Lenticular Full Slip: 3D Lenticular, Spot Glossy, Spot Matte, Embossing, Spot Foil
Double Lenticular Full Slip: 3D Lenticular x 2, Spot Glossy, Spot Matte, Embossing, Spot Foil
One Click Box: Scratch Resistance Coating, Spot Glossy, Spot Matte, Embossing, Spot Holofoil
Premiums: Booklet, Postcards, Character Cards, Envelope, Exclusive Numbering Sticker, Exclusive Release Front Sticker, Exclusive Release Lenticular Sticker, Tip On.

Dunkirk_Overall_OC_5000x.jpg Dunkirk_Overall_FS_5000x.jpg Dunkirk_Overall_LS_5000x.jpg Dunkirk_Overall_DLS_5000x.jpg
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My FS has shipped! :D

P.S. I spoke with Collectong recently after sharing some feedback about the quality/clarity of my recent orders of Double Lenticular Birds Of Prey and Once Upon A Time In Hollywood. I received an interesting response...
We've informed Manta Lab in regards to the quality of Lenticular and we are informed that from Dunkirk, they will change the factory for the lenticular. We hope it will get better.
So fingers crossed the Lenti's from here and going forward should start to go back to usual Manta standards once again :angel::thumbs:
Jun 17, 2020
I got single lenti today in the UK. It’s definitely more clearer and sharper. Really happy with this one


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Jun 4, 2013
Glad to the see that the DL lentis are excellent too. Back to old manta standard. Even the little lenti card you get is cool with decent depth (it has a little protective film over it you can peel off FYI)

And although the steelbook looks great in hand, my only critique is the brushed metal effect. I wish the design choice of paint used was more fuller, however, it still looks lovely as a whole.

Man I wish joker, OUATIH and BoP had this level of lenti quality
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