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Apr 12, 2009
Hey ninjas!

This a general chat thread to ask questions about ways you've used to build your women or man cave, what components you used (i.e book shelves, seating, panels,etc). Feel free to use for general questions about any space you use to store/organize or watch movies and collectibles.

Just wanted some advice/suggestions for cabinets to store steelbooks/DVD/Blu Rays.
Currently my collection is safely stored and boxed up/bubble wrapped in my loft in boxes.
I would like to be able to put a bookshelf but I have 2 autistic children and I know they would potentially get damaged.
I'm thinking a cabinet that's lockable any thoughts Ninjas?
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@Danzigg1979 hey dude!! I know this is a bit late! But if you haven't already got something sorted i got myself white bookshelves from Argos (if your in the uk) were about £30/£35 each i think!
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