Jurassic World - In theaters June 12, 2015


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May 3, 2011
[CONTAINER][MOVIE1]Title: Jurassic World (2015)

Tagline: The Park Is Open

Genre: [GENRE]Action[/GENRE], [GENRE]Adventure[/GENRE], [GENRE]Science Fiction[/GENRE], [GENRE]Thriller[/GENRE]

Director: [DIRECTOR]Colin Trevorrow[/DIRECTOR]

Cast: [ACTOR]Chris Pratt[/ACTOR], [ACTOR]Bryce Dallas Howard[/ACTOR], [ACTOR]Jake M. Johnson[/ACTOR], [ACTOR]Judy Greer[/ACTOR], [ACTOR]Vincent D'Onofrio[/ACTOR], [ACTOR]Nick Robinson[/ACTOR], [ACTOR]Lauren Lapkus[/ACTOR], [ACTOR]Omar Sy[/ACTOR], [ACTOR]BD Wong[/ACTOR], [ACTOR]Irrfan Khan[/ACTOR], [ACTOR]Brian Tee[/ACTOR], [ACTOR]Ty Simpkins[/ACTOR], [ACTOR]Andy Buckley[/ACTOR], [ACTOR]Katie McGrath[/ACTOR]

Release Date: [RELEASE]2015-06-12[/RELEASE]


Plot: Twenty-two years after the events of Jurassic Park, Isla Nublar now features a fully functioning dinosaur theme park, Jurassic World, as originally envisioned by John Hammond.[/MOVIE1][POSTER1]

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According to sources, the story will pay homage to the original and not polute it with silly plotlines. There is some truth to the domesticated rumor that some dinos will be tame as JP tries to go online again at Isla Nublar but then something else goes wrong.

It will be directed by Colin Trevorrow and produced by Patrick Crowley and Frank Marshall so Spielberg will not produce.

Guess we will see.
At first I thought the title "Jurassic World" was a bit odd but after some though and research it could work. For one Jurassic World is the overarching title Michael Crichton's 2 Jurassic Park novels. There are so many directions this movie could go. I just hope that they serve the original justice unlike the previous sequels that were comically bad.
"Jurassic World"... interesting. As long as it's a proper fourth film and not a motherf***ing reboot, I'll be pumped! Oh, and a Jeff Goldblum appearance wouldn't hurt, either. :p
The movie will be John Hammond's orginal dream come to life. It will be a fully functioning park with thousands of tourists a year. There will be a new "villian" dinosaur that was Jack Horner's suggestion.