My King Kong Collection!


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Welcome to 'My KING KONG Collection' :drool:

My KONG Collection!.jpg

Hello everyone! I'm new here! Thanks to Tridon, I joined this awesome forum. His collection was an inspiration to post mine :notworthy: I'm a huge King Kong Collector, especially from the 2005 film. But my love for this story, all started with the original King Kong! My father bought me a VHS copy of the 1933 version at a yard sale, I think I was 10 years old. I didn't care for black and white/classic movies ... but it was King Kong that changed my whole view and appreciation for movies. And when Peter Jackson remade this film... that was it! He perfected "The Beauty and the Beast" tale! Thanks everyone for viewing my collection and for all the positive feedback! :thumbs:

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1. My 8ft. Statue.jpg 2. Kong v.s Rex.jpg 3. Kong Bookends.JPG 4. Kong Bust.JPG
5. Kong vs Plane.JPG 6. Kong vs Rex 2.JPG 7. Kong Skulls.JPG

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Jun 4, 2013

Well Franky I really don't know what to say

Like I mentioned in the new skull island movie thread I'm speechless and blown away.

And jeez if I knew what I was getting into when I said I love your dedication to the jackson film. Lol
Crazy epic

I feel bad now for saying it could of been a bit better etc because when you love something so much or a character it's pretty annoying to hear someone say "yeah the first hour was boring" so I apologise if that put you down or p*ssed you off at all.
I do like the action in the film and mostly everything after the first hour though.

And to think this love of the character came from you being 10 and your dad buying you the black and white VHS (think you said 30's) Kong film. I love that, I think thats a beautiful thing.

I must of spent well over a good hour going through this thread lol and it was well worth it, truly amazing collection.
Don't know how you got the room but that 8 footer is the crème de la crème of Kong memrobila (I've saved the photo on my phone so I just always have it lol)

Is it still in your pops garage?

I see about 3 or 4 things I have or had lol that made me laugh, still got the uk DVD with the awesome slip which I got when it first came out from Hmv and the zavvi Steelbook.
I did have the UMD film and PSP game back in the day when I was a bigger fan of the film
This is literally my collection lol

It's only 2 items but I completely forgot until just now that the DVD came with that cool booklet
Big fan of the DVD slip box and zavvi steel though.


This really made me laugh, I was looking through the booklet and found this page......


And as if you don't own that play set and kong hands? , lol

Oh and the hands roar apparently lol

Well if I ever see anything Kong related online that you possibly don't have I'll send you the links and if I ever see anything cool and Random that's Kong related when I'm out I'll let you know and maybe I'll be able to pick something up for you

True Kong dedication. :thumbs:

I'll have to check out Kens collection at some point (not tonight im all konged out lol)
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Jul 6, 2016
hey @bloodsnake007, just came across this thread when viewing your Avatar thread... been going through all of the shots above, what a beast of a collection. i thought about some superlatives and adjectives., but i have no words. :OMG: :censored: :D

just amazing, super impressive. your house must be large enough for Kong himself! an awesome collection. :thumbs: :notworthy: