Project Popart Wave #2 (Steelbooks) (MediaMarkt Exclusive) [Germany]


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Release Date : October 15th, 2015
Price : 15.99€
Retailler: Mediamarkt Germany
Group buy link @merowinger

Evil Dead
Angels & Demons
The Equalizer
The Bridge on the River Kwai
Terminator: Salvation
Lawrence of Arabia
Bram Stoker's Dracula
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Jun 13, 2013
I know they seem to get a lot of flack but I genuinely like these efforts, nice to see something just.... Totally different.
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Jun 16, 2013
Words can't even sum up how much I hate these pop art style steel books. Don't mean to be negative, but just getting tired lately of some of my favourite films being listed with a steelbook coming, and getting all sorts of stunning visions in my head of the classic cinema art on the steel, or photoshoot promo rare images used for new art that connects directly, only to find it finally revealed as a black steelbook with a white circle in the middle as if it's somehow artistic. Just disappointing. If a film hasn't got an artistic abstract feel to it it doesn't work for me.

Films like Eyes wide shut, Fire walk with me, Eraserhad, Mulholland Drive, a clockwork orange etc work with pop art steels, as they're art in film form themselves, abstract, subjective, open to interpretation.

When it's a classic cinema popcorn movie (Physco, Legend, American Physco, Terminator, House of flying daggers) the art works better in a cinema style.

The best steelbooks of late stylistically for me were titles like Big trouble in little China, They Live and Gangs of New York. Stunning art and finish and they just 'feel' like limited collectors edition of that film, totally connects with the film and the fan.

Just my opinion, but hope there aren't many more of these pop arts on the horizon, the amount of steels I've bought lately has plummeted due to the studios ploughing these cheap looking things out.


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May 15, 2014
Ontario, Kanada
I don't know yet but i cross my finger since i guess im the only one here who likes pop art steelbook
Don't worry, you're not the only one. I give credit where its due. But I can understand the hate though. Most of them seem either "too lazy" or "too busy". From this wave, the only one that I like is Equalizer. The art makes sense and fits the movie.