Stranger Things: The Complete First Season (Target Exclusive) (VHS Packaging) [USA]

Apr 19, 2016
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Release Date: October 17, 2017
DPCI: 058-23-1746
Price: $24.99
Region Coding: A
HDN Group Buy: LINK

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Hop on your bike, grab some waffles and get ready to save Will and Barb with the Stranger Things Season 1 Collector’s Edition: Target Exclusive. The ‘80s are alive and well in this special edition of your favorite binge-worthy show, coming in a VHS-style box containing a Blu-ray Disc and a DVD. Whether you want to enjoy one episode at a time or you’re ready to finish them all in one sitting, this Stranger Things box set will have you ready to take a trip to the Upside Down.
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Apr 21, 2012
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Now this is some interesting marketing strategy by Netflix and Target.
- First, release Stranger Things 1 on BluRay with practically no advertising or announcement beforehand, for $25.
- Second, put the BluRay set up for Black Friday Sale for $10 couple of weeks later.
- Third, release a UHD 4K version yet a couple of weeks later, after the BluRays have been sold off on Black Friday. Again, basically with no announcement or advertising.
Now that's Double-Dip Deluxe.™
Apr 21, 2012
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Oh yeah. The info from another forum states that the release date for UHD is November 28th. The New York store that put them into shelves early has apparently violated the street date.


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Jan 24, 2012
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@PunkNinja And season 3 as well ;) They have to, just wouldn't be right to miss such a unique opportunity to have such an iconic show released in coherent releases.
Oh I knew that... :smuggrin: ..riiiight :rofl: Seriously, I didn't notice at first, only later. Thanks though ;)