The Batman (2022) (4K+2D Blu-ray SteelBook) (Manta Lab Exclusive No. 52) [Hong Kong]

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Dec 28, 2012
Release date: August 24, 2022
Purchase links: Box Set - Full Slip - Lenti - Double Lenti (Pre-order on June 24, at 8 PM - Hong Kong time)
Price: $185.97 (Box Set) - $56.99 (Full Slip) - $57.99 (Lenti - Double Lenti)
Group buy: hosted by Aniv Box Set - Full Slip - Lenti - Double Lenti Check your local timing HERE

WEA, Exclusive Steelcase designed by Manta Lab features "Full Glossy" Finish and "Debossed Title".
Box Set: 600 Sets, Numbered 1-600. Glow in Dark, Spot Glossy, Embossing.
Full Slip: 1000 copies, Numbered 1-1000. Scratch Resistance Coating, Spot Matte, Spot Glossy, Spot Foil, Embossing.
Lenti: 1000 copies, Numbered 1-1000. 3D Lenticular, Scratch Resistance Coating, Spot Matte, Spot Glossy, Spot Foil, Embossing.
Double Lenti: 1000 copies, Numbered 1-1000. 2 x 3d Lenticular , Spot Matte, Spot glossy, Embossing.
Premiums: Booklet, Postcards, Character Cards, Envelope, Exclusive Numbering Sticker, Exclusive Release Front Sticker, Exclusive Release Lenticular Sticker, Tip On.

Batman2022_Overall-Packshot_Box_5000x.jpg Batman2022_Overall-Packshot_FS_2000x.jpg Batman2022_Overall-Packshot_LS_2000x.jpg Batman2022_Overall-Packshot_DLS_2000x.jpg
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Dec 22, 2011
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Hopefully we hear about the group buy soon as really looking forward to receiving this release
Maybe the group buy copies are on hold awaiting shipping while Manta sorts out the existing mislabeling mess.
In the meantime, I hope they have the group buy copies stored in a cooler. Why a cooler?
Because this release is sizzling hot and I don't want my single lenti to spontaneously combust. :LOL:


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Jun 4, 2013
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How much was the One Click shipping to the U.K.? (From the store)
May 22, 2010
california usa
I wasn’t expecting this yet so a pleasant surprise…it’s a really nice Steelbook, not crazy about the artwork and the floating heads reminds me of the blufans style, the lentis on this are great!


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Apr 30, 2017
Hi all, just wondered if anyone knows how long it usually takes to hear about the group buy shipping?
I dont mind waiting as long as it takes and definitely not complaining in any way. I mostly have bulfans which is direct shipping so just wondered as i am not so used to this method :)