[WINNER CHOSEN] Avengers Weet SteelBook Giveaway


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Jan 26, 2009
Just like the TDK Blufans DL giveaway chat away and post numbers will be randomized to select a winner after a good while.

So the more posts you have , the better the odds

This is for the B1 Lenti edition and you’ll only pay shipping from your shipping hub based on your location.

Sure this will get a lot of posts. Great giveaway and weet make some quality stuff. Both the front and back of the slip look great and a solid steelbook to go with it
That's a fullslip I considered buying, as I like the image of Black Widow on the back, but the front is the same, as one of NovaMedia slips I got.
Still would be cool to win, I can sell the NovaMedia one.