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Jan 26, 2009
Hey all,

Use this thread to chat about all things steelbook. Chat away ...

In an undetermined amount of time (when I need to submit GB addresses) I will then conduct the giveaway via random.org using the Post #s in this thread.

Your entries could be 1 (if you post 1 time) or 100 if you post 100 times.

At that time, I will figure out who wins the free DL TDK Blufans Edition. If you already bought the DL, you will get yours for free as I will refund you. ;)

I will host the giveaway LIVE on my IG by rolling the virtual dice first, if it lands on 5 then I will randomize the numbers 5 times and whatever # it lands on that post count # is the winner.
Oh, it went earlier, than I expected, but none of the 'often posting', including me, won. First roll' had post #940 @Space Cadet, second 383 @GroundDigger, and third, #316, also GroundDigger, 51st post after his megaspam of 50 reasons of whatever... didn't help.
Congrats @GroundDigger !! :woot:

Jennifer Lawrence Oops GIF

Sorry to see all that hard work spamming didn't pay off :spam: :p
no way lol GIF by Rosanna Pansino