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Entries accepted until Monday 1pm EST 2/10.

Hey Ninjas!

Part of this Epic 5 Year anniversary Ninja Week is the PS4 Give-away to a member World-wide. All can enter.

Just reply with answers to the following questions!

1) What forum board do you visit the most?
2) What forum board SHOULD you be visiting more often? (perhaps another interest of yours...)
3) What is something you plan to do on HDN this year to contribute more. :) (ex: post more pics)

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Jun 17, 2012
1. Definitely visit the blue ray steelbooks section the most

2. The Video games section. I'm curious what I may have been missing there since the steelbook section keeps me up to date

3. I actually just finished taking pics of my steelbook collection (blu-ray movies only). I plan to get those up and share my collection. Get some awards (like for my FS Iron Man) and possibly get some sales started. Starting a new life chapter and I have some steels I could do without... plenty actually.
Mar 27, 2013
1) The Steelbook Forum
2) The Digibook Forum. I really wish there were more digibooks released in the UK
3) I would like to post more comparisons between different editions and movie releases
1) I visit the Steelbook forum the most.
2) I should be visiting the Video Games and Digibook forums more often.
3) Would like to post more pictures of steelbooks, provide feedback on retailers' packaging and helping out new and old members alike :)

Thanks for this abso-freaking-lutely awesome giveaway!!! :oohyeah:
Dec 9, 2011
Virginia, US
1) Blu-ray SteelBook
2) Blu-ray Movies & Release Buzz
3) Post more pics! I haven't posted pics in ages and have gotten so many more Blu-rays. My collection has changed a lot.
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Jul 11, 2013
Wow Best Giveaway!!!!!EEK!:D:scat:

1. I Visit the steelbook forum by far the most
2. Should visit the slip cover forum more as I'm taking quite a liking to them at the moment
3. Plan on possibly doing some giveaway's myself to help out fellow members on HDN.

Thanks for this great giveaway!


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Feb 9, 2013
1) Blu-ray steelbook
2) Video games forum
3) Yes, definitely post more comments and throw in a few more pictures!

Thanks for the wicked giveaway!
Aug 25, 2013
Spivey Point, UK
1/ The steelbook forum - a treasure trove of great information
2/ The collectibles forum - I've been keeping my distance from there recently as I know when I return to
It, my wallet is start getting a serious pounding
3/ Definitely have to learn how to use my digital camera properly and start contributing more photos

Fantastic giveaway, and a fantastic Ninja Week!!!
Feb 28, 2012
Arrgghhhhh Ice to see you!

1) I visit the Game collectors edition forum the most, it's my collecting passion and it's so awesome to be able to see what's available worldwide!

2) I should visit the Steelbook forum more as, with the help of you guys, I now have a new collecting addiction! :)

3) This year I really want to get involved much more and post more on the game forums
Jul 19, 2012
1) Check out the Bluray Steelbook forum regularly to keep up to date with various releases from around the world.

2) Should check out the collectors& limited edition section more as most of them are really good.

3) Will be posting more pics of new arrivals from now on. It is fun.

thanks for the excellent giveaway...
Dec 4, 2012
ps4 giveaway

1. Steelbooks for sure!

2. Ummmm Video Gaming!

3. Need to post more, I am more of a lurker. Need to be a poster!
May 20, 2012
1: for sure the steelbook section.
2: The feedback subsection with high hopes to promote titles I would see in SB
3: post some Fr steelbook pics.
Dec 4, 2012
ps4 giveaway!

1. Steelbooks for sure!

2. Ummmm Video Gaming!

3. Need to post more, I am more of a lurker. Need to be a poster!
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