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JOKER 4k Ultra HD Review

Michael Madison reviews JOKER from Warner Bros.

JOKER Theatrical Review

The deeply disturbing JOKER is both flawed message and brilliant messenger.


[wp-review id=”92058″] Joe is a a veteran with a troubled past and a death wish. His job is to locate and recover…

GLADIATOR is Headed to 4K UHD Blu-ray this May!

Ridley Scott’s GLADIATOR comes to 4K UHD this May.

INHERENT VICE Blu-ray is releasing on April 28th

Warner Bros. is releasing the Paul Thomas Anderson film INHERENT VICE on Blu-ray on April 28th.

Paul Thomas Anderson’s INHERENT VICE gets a wonderfully wacky trailer

INHERENT VICE is the newest film from THERE WILL BE BLOOD director Paul Thomas Anderson, and is an adaptation of the Thomas Pynchon novel…

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Two Lovers Set for Blu-ray Release!

On June 30th, Magnolia Home Entertainment is releasing “Two Lovers” the prequel to “Three Lovers” … ok, just kidding on that last…