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Ghost In The Shell Mondo SteelBook

FIRST LOOK: GHOST IN THE SHELL Blu-ray Mondo x SteelBook

A first look at the GHOST IN THE SHELL Mondo x SteelBook edition Blu-ray by Killian Eng.

Deciphering the Mondo x SteelBook line

Kenneth Livitski deciphers the reasoning behind the films used for Mondo x SteelBook releases.

#003 RAMBO FIRST BLOOD Blu-ray SteelBook is a Future Shop exclusive!

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages …well, those allowed to watch films rated R … make room for…

LOOPER Mondo x SteelBook FutureShop Exclusive Announced

Hi-Def Ninja announces LOOPER as the next Blu-ray Mondo x SteelBook Future Shop exclusive.

DRIVE Mondo x SteelBook gallery & review

Kenneth Livitski unboxes and reviews DRIVE, the first Mondo x SteelBook exclusive from Future Shop in Canada.

Which film will be Mondo’s #001 SteelBook release?

A couple weeks ago, Mondo made a massive announcement: they were entering the Blu-ray SteelBook game and their first release, DRIVE, was going…

Mondo announces a limited edition LP of the GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY soundtrack

Starting October 3rd, Mondo will be offering a deluxe vinyl release of GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY: Awesome Mix Vol. 1 featuring the artwork…