Sep 23, 2012
Release date : August 26th 2013
Price : HKD$329 / US$42.18
Order link : HMV HK

Picture from HMV HK:

Picture from other forum;


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Finally, some interesting artwork. Although I won't buy any steelbook for Iron Man 3, I would say this is the best yet.
I pre-ordered the German one, because I thought it had the best art, the other cover looked a little weak, and is getting released everywhere. This might be a rare one down the road.
I preordered this from a local shop. This shop is offering the earphones as the gift, and it should be this (taken from the other forum)


Apparently each large retailer will have their own free gift. From the photo there seems to be a bookmark and a satchel also.

Where can we pre-order it?
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