Creed (Blu-ray SteelBook) (FilmArena Collection #75) [Czech Republic]


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Jun 30, 2014
Alexandria Safe-Zone
Release date: June 12, 2017
Purchase links: Standard - FAC Edition #1 - FAC Edition #2
Price: TBA
Group buy: hosted by Karel Hardbox - E1 - E2

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GB for Creed will be opened in the new GB system.

One of the conditions to secure copies for HDN group buy is securing them before pre-orders on FilmArena starts, hence the group buy has to be opened early.

Thanks to all for your understanding.

PS: If there will be long delays like with the box editions we either wont open the group buy or if opened we will give options to cancel.
I loved this movie, so very tempted to buy a premium edition... not sure which to chose between edition 1 or 2 though
Looks good but not good enough to make me double dip. My standard steelbook from Target is definitely beautiful enough.
Why does using the new GB system make the HDN fee go from 60 CZK to 175 CZK? Was it wrong to begin with on all those past Hardboxes

The GB fee across all group buys is now a percentage of the item sale, rather than a flat fee. Unfortunately this new system doesn't support flat fees, we can only do percentage based sales.

The previous flat fee was around a 5% charge on a $50 item - but this might have depended on the GB host and what they wanted to charge.

This is percentage fee is slightly higher going forward due to the cost to invest into the system, and the costs to the upgrades on the server to support it.

We'll also be doing other promotional work for group buy hosts and members that will come with incentives and exclusive opportunities, to be announced later as things firm up - we've always have invested back into the site, the biggest example being the thousands spent on ninja week every year in giveaways and prizes, so that's not going to be different going forward.