DVD Last Non-Blu-Ray movie you watched/purchased? (Any other disc/tape formats welcomed)


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Apr 12, 2009
Hi All,

This thread was added to provide an area for members who also own non-Blu-Ray movies to discuss what else they are watching. Since a relatively small % of content is available on Blu-Ray, chime in about what else you're checking out on other formats.

To chat about titles you are streaming visit here.

Have fun!
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Recently bought this dvd set, which is my first dvd purchase in about 2 2-1/2 years:

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May 9, 2012
My last DVD purchase it was on ebay and I bought A Nightmare on Elm Street Collection box all snap case movies with Robert Englunds Signature on the box and I got it Authenticated and it was the real deal! My last purchase in the store was The Simpsons 20th Season! I can go on and on I bought so many no dvd will ever be my last one!