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Sony UK unveils first 4K Blu-ray releases

Sony have joined the UK 4K Ultra HD market with their first releases!

CHAPPiE artwork competition winners have been chosen!

Winners for our CHAPPiE inspired artwork competition have been chosen! Come and check them out now.

[UK] CHAPPIE arrives on Blu-ray, check out some exclusive clips!

Need some inspiration to enter our amazing CHAPPIE contest? Then check out this link!

CHAPPiE Blu-ray Review [UK]

In the near future, crime is patrolled by an oppressive mechanized police force. But now, the people are fighting back. When one…

CHAPPiE Blu-ray Review

In Johannesburg, South Africa, the crime rate is increasing and has reached an all time high. The government has ordered a legion…

In-hand CHAPPiE Blu-ray SteelBook images

Target has released the exclusive Blu-ray SteelBook of CHAPPiE.

Blu-ray Tuesday: June 15th, 2015

This week’s Blu-ray releases for June 15th, 2015.

CHAPPiE Blu-ray SteelBook will be a Target Exclusive in the U.S. and Best Buy in Canada!

Target US and Best Buy Canada will be releasing an exclusive SteelBook of Neill Blomkamp’s CHAPPiE.

Trailer for CHAPPIE, the latest from DISTRICT 9 director Neill Blomkamp, revealed!

Stalwart science-fiction director Neill Blomkamp (DISTRICT 9, ELYSIUM) enlists SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE’s Dev Patel and Wolverine himself, Hugh Jackman, in his newest film CHAPPIE;…