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Bonus clips for the upcoming Blu-ray release of Marvel’s ANT-MAN!

Here are some clips from Disney for Marvel’s ANT-MAN Blu-ray Release.

Marvel’s ANT-MAN Blu-ray is releasing in December

Marvel’s ANT-MAN is coming to Blu-ray on December 8th, 2015.

Hot Toys’ 1/6 scale figure of Marvel’s ANT-MAN has been announced!

Marvel’s ANT-MAN 1/6 scale collectible has been announced and we have all the info!

[Spoiler-Free] Marvel’s ANT-MAN Theatrical Review

Michael Madison reviews Marvel’s ANT-MAN in theaters and it is spoiler free.

Marvel’s ANT-MAN trailer and poster make a huge impact

Marvel Studios has revealed the first poster and trailer for their upcoming film, ANT-MAN.

New promotional artwork for Marvel’s ANT-MAN reveals the villain

A promo shot for the new film Marvel’s ANT-MAN gives a glimpse of the villain, YellowJacket.

The ANT-MAN film synopsis has been revealed!

Marvel has released the official synopsis for their upcoming ANT-MAN film.

Evangeline Lilly has a new look for Marvel’s ANT-MAN

With Evangeline Lilly being cast as a character named Hope in Marvel Studio’s upcoming ANT-MAN film, she has made some changes to…

Edgar Wright Leaves Marvel’s Ant-Man Movie Due to Creative Differences

Just announced, Edgar Wright has left the upcoming film “Marvel’s Ant-Man” due to creative differences. Over the past few weeks, Marvel and…