Zavvi - Retailer chat [Europe]


**Retailer charges cards when items ship

Per update received at HDN, starting with August 4,2014 releases, Zavvi will ship in boxes again.

[email protected]

Possible contact #s:

- 08442 640702
- 01606 336169
- 08442 439088

Thanks yeslek!

Current packaging is a cardboard mailer with the steelbook usually wrapped in either a layer of bubble wrap or foam

Update 9/5/2013:

Current packaging-thanks dv8mad:

Previous packaging:

3/20/2013 Comparison of Play's old packaging to Zavvi's new packaging-thanks Zesty!


14/03/2013 By Wreck:
I now have confirmation that I can announce ... for all those worried about future packaging from Zavvi. My Play contact has been working with zavvi as well on this mission for better packaging. Between the 3 of us and the future comments from this community after its in place I'm sure it will be go over well.
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from the pick line ......... :thumbs:
foam inside

1/19/2013 Member Nyvo tweeted Zaavi about packaging concerns. They said they may be looking into alternate packaging methods.

Zavvi shipping international list:
Zavvi UK

Box update1- 1/7/2014

Box update 2-1/17//2014-we're told they have boxes again.


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Nov 25, 2020
Anyone know zavvis policy on items that go on sale the day after you buy them? I bought the Arrow Robin hood yesterday for £40 and just got an email saying its sale for £25. So £22.50 with discount code. I mean what a kick in the teeth lol.
Mar 6, 2015
Nether Regions, UK
The Hut Group who owns Zavvi is in real trouble, with a few very recent reports have indicated with Zavvi themselves noted as potentially loss making, i'll link a few news articles stating the issues; but here is an interesting quote from one of the articles.

"It comes two months after the latest profit warning by THG, which also launched a strategic review into loss-making parts of its OnDemand division, which includes websites such as Zavvi and Pop In A Box, as it seeks to focus further on beauty and nutrition." - take that as you will.

Also it has just been announced today (17th April 2023) that a US buyout company Apollo has put in a bid to buy the entire THG group.

My feeling is that if Zavvi is really loss making, coupled with the loss of Disney exclusives's a sign it's losing it's grip, and the next year will be interesting to watch....



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Feb 28, 2015
Just had this message today...

We have recently stopped shipping to international countries.

We are working on some exciting new changes and we will update you as soon as we resume shipping internationally.