[DE] Lutzo's trade thread

Sep 23, 2011
I'm mostly looking to trade for my wants, but have now added Buy it Now prices to most items as well. I'm always open to negotiations and discounts for multiple purchases.
Shipping from Germany, 15,49€ within EU up to 2kg. Please ask for other locations! Payment via PayPal F&F or fees added.




2046 (NovaMedia 1/4 Slip, lim.300, still sealed) 49€
A Brighter Summer Day (NovaMedia, Full Slip A, lim.num.900, still sealed) 49€
A Most Wanted Man (KR, OneClick, Plain Archive, lim.num.200. still sealed) BEST OFFER/TRADE
Arrival 1/4 Slip (KR, Weet, lim.num.900, still sealed) 79€
As tears go by (NovaMedia, Lenticular, lim.1500, still sealed) 59€
Days of being wild (NovaMedia, Lenticular FullSlip, still sealed) 59€
Days of being wild (NovaMedia, 1/4 slip, still sealed) 49€
Insidious (Nova media, FullSlip, lim.num.900, still sealed) 49€
Kick Ass (NovaMedia, Full Slip, lim.num.1200, still sealed) 59€
Minari (KR, Lenticular, still sealed) 49€
Once (Nova Media, 1/4 Slip, lim.num.300, still sealed) 39€


2001: A Space Odyssey (HK, FullSlip, lim.num.1500, 4K+2D Blu-ray, Manta Lab Exclusive No. 50) 99€
2001: A Space Odyssey (HK, lenticular Slip, lim.num.1500, 4K+2D Blu-ray, Manta Lab Exclusive No. 50) 99€
Leon: The Professional (HK, 4K+2D Lenticular, Manta Lab Exclusive No. 57) 99€
Leon: The Professional (HK, 4K+2D Double Lenticular, Manta Lab Exclusive No. 57) 149€


2012 (TW, 1/4 Slip, still sealed) 49€


2001 (CA, still sealed) 39€
Clash of the Titans (CA, FutureShop exclusive, still sealed) 25€
District 9 (CA, FutureShop exclusive from 2009, still sealed) 59€
Eastern Promises (CA, Alliance Wave 2011, open with ding on the back and tiny paint chip on front) 25€
Gangs of New York (CA, Alliance Wave 2010, still sealed) 49€
Public Enemies (CA, FutureShop Exclusive, still sealed) 49€
Shaun of the Dead (CA, still sealed) 39€
Sucker Punch (CA, FutureShop, 1st Edition, 3-Disc, still sealed) 25€
The Exorcist (CA, Alliance Wave 2011, still sealed) 49€
The Ring (CA, open mint with tiny paint chips) 25€


Scarface (US, incl. artcards, open/mint) 19€
Warm Bodies 4K (US, Best Buy exclsuive in slipcover, still sealed) 39€


10.000 BC (DE, still sealed) 15€
Dawn of the Dead 4K (DE, 4 Discs, still sealed) 45€
District 9 (DE, still sealed) 15€
Dune 1984 4K (DE, still sealed) 39€
Ghostland (DE, embossed, still sealed) 10€
I am a Hero (DE, still sealed) 10€
Men 4K (DE, still sealed) 25€
Once upon a time in Hollywood 4K (DE, still sealed) 25€
Possessor 4K/2D (DE, lim.2500, still sealed) 39€
Spartacus 4K (DE, Limited Japanese style, still sealed) 35€
The Bridge on the River Kwai (DE, Media Markt exclusive, still sealed) 12€
The Sadness 4K (DE, incl. EN subtitles, still sealed) 25€
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 4K (DE, Slipcover D, still sealed) 55€
Vertigo (DE, WWA red cover, still sealed) 15€


10.000 BC (UK, still sealed) 25€
Alien Anthology (UK, play.com exclusive, open/mint) 45€
American Werewolf in London (UK, Arrow, still sealed) 35€
American Werewolf in London Slipcover (UK, Arrow, lim.1500, still sealed) 45€
Concussion (UK, open/mint) 15€
Dark Shadows (UK, hmv exclusive, still sealed) 25€
Ferris Bueller's Day off (UK, zavvi exclusive, embossed 1st Edition slipcover, lim.2000, still sealed) 45€
Green Hornet (UK, hmv exclusive, embossed/debossed, still sealed) 25€
Hellboy (UK, Project Popart, lim.500, still sealed) 25€
Hot Fuzz BluBox (UK, EverythingBlu Box feat. both slips, still sealed) BEST OFFER/TRADE
Joker 4K (UK, amazon exclusive, still sealed) 59€
Last King of Scotland (UK, zavvi exclusive,still sealed) 15€
Leon 4K Deluxe Box Set (Deluxe Edition, lim.num.1200) BEST OFFER/TRADE
Luther Season 1 (UK, lim.2000, still sealed) 25€
Macbeth (UK, still sealed) 25€
Phenomena (UK, Arrow, tiny fingernail dent on front, otherwise open/mint) 25€
Red Sparrow 4K (UK, still sealed) 39€
Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (UK, 1st Edition, still sealed) 25€
Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (UK, play.com, debossed title, still sealed) 25€
The Bridge on the River Kwai (UK, zavvi exclusive, lim.1000, still sealed) 29€
The Cabin in the woods 4K + 2D (UK, 2018 edition, still sealed) 45€
The Full Monty (UK, debossed, still sealed) 25€
The Girl in the Spider's Web 4K (UK, zavvi, still sealed) 49€
The Raid (UK, lim.4000, debossed, play.com, tiny dent on front, otherwise open/mint) 19€
The Raid 2 (UK, lim.4000, debossed, Entertainment Store exclusive, open/mint) 19€
Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (UK, still sealed) 19€
Transformers (UK, play.com Edition, embossed, still sealed) 25€
Warrior (UK, lim.4000, still sealed) 25€
Zombie Flesh Eaters (UK, Arrow, open/mint) 25€


Argo 4K (FR, still sealed) 29€
Casablanca 4K (FR, Collector's Edition Box Set, still sealed) 49€
Cleaner (FR, 2009, still sealed) 25€
Crimes of the future 4K (FR, FNAC exclusive, still sealed) 25€
Drive (FR, still sealed) 25€
Everything Everywhere all at once 4K (FR, still sealed) 69€
Friday the 13th (FR, still sealed) 25€
Hellboy 2 (FR, FNAC exclusive, still sealed) 25€
Invictus (FR, FNAC exclusive, open/mint) 19€
Invictus (FR, FNAC exclusive with booklet, still sealed) 35€
Pulp Fiction (FR, world exclusive, open/mint) 39€
Shutter Island (FR, FNAC exclusive with booklet, still sealed) 29€
Tenet 4K (FR, still sealed) 22€
The Dark Knight / Batman Begins (FR, embossed, still sealed) 25€
Three Days of the Condor 4K (FR, embossed, still sealed) 25€
World War Z 3D (FR, 3-Disc Edition, embossed, still sealed) 25€
Zodiac (FR, still sealed) 25€


Django Unchained (IT, DVD-store exclusive, lim.num.1000, embossed, open/mint with German Bluray) 25€
House of Gucci 4K (IT, still sealed) 35€
Joker 4K (IT, still sealed) 39€
King Richard (IT, still sealed) 15€
Scarface (IT, rare debossed edition, still sealed) 39€
Sicario 2 - Soldado (IT, transparent slipcover, still sealed) 22€
Singin' in the Rain (IT, Steelbook Box set, still sealed) 59€
Smile 4K (IT, slipcover, still sealed) 25€
The Grey (IT, still sealed) 19€
The Interpreter (IT, open/mint) 12€
Vertigo 4K (IT, still sealed) 25€


Green Lantern (Australia, with transparent slipcover, still sealed) 25€
Iron Man (Australia, JB HiFi, Metal Slipcase, still sealed) 49€
Smokin' Aces 1+2 (Australia, JB Hifi, embossed Bluray Steelcase) 65€


Kick Ass (NL, exclusive, from 2010, still sealed) 25€


Cosmopolis METAL PAK (Japan, lim.4000, still sealed) 29€

I'm interested in trades for the Steelbooks below, but SEALED/MINT only:
Suspiria (US, Synapse/HDN Quiltface Edition)
The Hateful Eight (KimchiDVD Fullslip B)
Pulp Fiction (French Edition)


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Updated thread after selling tons on eBay and trading Neon Demon/I saw the Devil to a fellow ninja. Pictures updated with new arrival "Dune" Mantalab
Invasion of the body snatchers, Good Will Hunting, Sixth Sense (all open) sold on ebay, added some stuff and deleted some itens from the wantlist
Dredd Lenticular sold, Most wanted man FullSlip sold, added Nightcrawler Nova Full Slip and 1/4 Slip, Taken FullSlip,....
Added about 15 Steelbooks for trade: Iron Man (FS), Iron Man 2 (Korea), Fight Club (play.com), Smokin' Aces 1+2 JiBi Hifi Steelcase, Memoirs of a Geisha, Shutter Island (FNAC), Hellboy 2 (FNAC), Singin' in the Rain Box Set, The Cleaner (France), 2001 (Canada), Real Steel and Kick Ass from the Netherlands.....
Added 12 Steelbooks for sale/trade, Shaun of the Dead (Canada), Transformers (Centenary), Ghost Rider Spirit of Vengeance Best Buy,....