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SING Blu-ray Review

Following the massive success that was The Secret Life of Pets, it seemed like Illumination Entertainment wanted to double-down on huge hits…

solace-bluray review-2017-07

SOLACE Blu-ray Review

Michael Madison reviews SOLACE on Blu-ray from Lionsgate Films.

Passengers-HiDefNinja (5)

PASSENGERS Blu-ray Review

Matt Cummings joins the space adventure PASSENGERS and wonders why he bothered.

moana-bluray review-2017-11

Disney’s MOANA 3D Blu-ray Review

Michael Madison reviews MOANA on Blu-ray in 3D from Disney.


[UK] John Carpenter’s VAMPIRES Blu-ray Review

Jonathan McEvoy reviews the Blu-ray release of John Carpenter’s VAMPIRES from Indicator.

fences-bluray review-2017-07

FENCES Blu-ray Review

Michael Madison reviews FENCES on Blu-ray from Paramount Pictures.



Eric Presson reviews the 2011 Blu-ray release of Richard Linklater’s DAZED AND CONFUSED.


[UK] THE BURNING Blu-ray Review

Rob Beardsley goes camping with Arrow Video’s UK Blu-ray release of THE BURNING.

Allied-HiDefNinja (4)

ALLIED Blu-ray Review

Matt Cummings likes a lot about the ALLIED Blu-ray release. With the exception of the story. And its leads.

the gate-bluray review-2017-16

THE GATE Blu-ray Review

Michael Madison Reviews the Vestron Video release of The Gate on Blu-ray.

doctor strange-bluray review-2017-18

Marvel’s DOCTOR STRANGE 3D Blu-ray Review

Michael Madison reviews Marvel’s DOCTOR STRANGE in 3D from Disney and Marvel Studios.

masterminds-bluray review-2017-14

MASTERMINDS Blu-ray Review

Michael Madison reviews MASTERMINDS on Blu-ray from 20th Century FOX.

Hacksaw-Ridge-HiDefNinja (10)

HACKSAW RIDGE Blu-ray Review

Matt Cummings wonders what all the fuss is about in HACKSAW RIDGE.


TROLLS Ultra HD Blu-ray Review

Hi-Def Ninja takes a look at the Trolls Ultra HD Blu-ray Edition,

vice principals-season 1-bluray review-2017-17

VICE PRINCIPALS: The Complete First Season Blu-ray Review

Michael Madison reviews VICE PRINCIPALS: Season One on Blu-ray from HBO.

creepshow 2-bluray review-2017-23

CREEPSHOW 2 Blu-ray Review

Michael Madison reviews CREEPSHOW 2 on Blu-ray from Arrow Films.

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